Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Who doesn't blog at 6am?

Well I woke up and I can't get back to sleep so I thought that I would write on my blog! I love that last time I wrote on here I said that I was going to be better at blogging and then I didn't write again for like 8 months. Oh well, no one reads my blog anyway, it is more just a place for me to write when I wake up at 5:20 and can't get back to sleep. So cool here we are.

I guess I should talk about my life now... I am now into my third year at BYU which is pretty cool, but don't worry I'm not any closer to graduating than I ever have been. I have a new brother in law and I love him! Rachel married Brandon in July and he is a wonderful contribution to our family. He is really good to me and helps me with my computer and stuff. Matt is also getting married. Staci will be my new sister in law as of this Saturday. It' kind of crazy that Matt's getting married. I mean who would have thought that he would settle down and that there would ever be a woman brave enough to try and tame him. Well if ever there was a girl for that job it's Staci. I'm excited that she is going to be in the family.

I have another new person in my life. Are you ready for this? I have a BOYFRIEND!! Who would have guessed that a boy would actually want to hang out with me? His name is Christian and he is absolutely the best boy in the world. He is so sweet and good to me. He's 6'3'' so that makes him almost a full foot taller than me. Yup. This means that in order for me to get a hug I have to stand on my tip toes and he has to squat down just a little (but he tries to hide that from me so that I don't feel too short). He also like to carry me around which I love!! He is really wonderful and I' so grateful that he came into my life (Cheesy? Yes. But I don't care!!)

Well I think that is really the update on me. Hope all is going well in everyone's lives. We'll see how long it takes me to get back on here again...


lunablue said...

hey i came here to try mp3 panda for the millionth time. You darling girl! Thanks for the update! You deserve the best life ever! Seriously thanks for being my friend.

Ellen said...

So if I post a comment on this blog that you never write on, will you see it? You should check in a little more often!